Saturday, 13 June 2009

Saturday, 13th June 2009, We celebrated Hari Gawai at our school. This is to foster close ties with the community and most of all the relationship with the parents and guardians of Sekolah Rendah Semabat's students. We start off the celebration with a motivating speech from our headmistress Cikgu Hajah Habibah Binti Hj Umar. The celebration kicked off with a dance from the children of Sekolah Rendah Semabat. The children demonstrated the 'Ngajat' dance which is a cultural dance performed during Gawai. The kampong community had also shown their version of the 'ngajat' performed by Mr. Kundang.

Our Gawai celebration included games for the community and also an educational race for the students of Sekolah Rendah Semabat. The games are just for fun and to encourage interaction between the School's stakeholders. Games such as basket weaving, rice lifting, brick lifting and etc caught the parent's interest as prizes could be won in these games.

At the end of the day we end it with a hearty feast together with the parents and pupils of Sekolah Rendah Semabat.