Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The ASEAN Corner competition has been the hot topic of discussion amongst teachers, swapping ideas and thoughts on how to personalize their ASEAN Corner.

Sekolah Rendah Semabat has come a long way from being a faded corner to a festive corner headed by our headmistress Cikgu Hajah Habibah Binti Hj Umar and administered by our ASEAN corner administrator Cikgu Hjh Noraini Binti Bahar

Its content and decorations are from the combined effort of not only the teachers but also the pupils and the villagers of this area. We have parents and grandparents who came to school to help out in decorating and weaving some intricate baskets for the purpose of displaying the heritage and traditions of our country for the sole purpose of educating the youngs in remembering their roots.

It surely is a sight, congratulations to all the teachers for their hardwork and perseverance.